Senior/Charter Elixir Engineer - Remote (US Only)

Hawku is creating the premier marketplace for utility and gaming NFTs - a multi-billion dollar industry that is exploding in growth. Written in Phoenix/Liveview (PETAL), Hawku launched in June 2021 as a data-analysis site for and within 3 months reached 3M monthly page views. Hawku is backed by some of the top VCs in the web2.0 and crypto industries including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Dragonfly Capital and Multicoin Capital. Want to get in super early with a rapidly growing Web3 Elixir project?

About us
My name: Charlie Graham
My position: Founder & CEO
Company name: Hawku, Inc.
Country: USA (SF Bay Area)

Company info and history:
Hawku ( was launched in June 2021 as a way to help people make buying/selling decisions horse NFTs. It is build entirely on PETAL (Phoenix/Elixir/Tailwind/Alpine/Liveview). In two months the site had grown to 3M monthly page views and in October it closed a $4M seed round with top tier VCs. Currently Hawku is just me and I am looking to build the charter team.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a senior Elixir developer to become a charter member of an Elixir/Web3 platform in the NFT gaming space that already has both traction and funding.

About the job

Job title: Senior Elixir Engineer (Charter member of Hawku team)
Job description:
You will be building the next generation marketplace for utility and gaming NFTs. I am looking form amazing Elixir/Liveview developers who want to build the next huge platform with me (and ideally take over the development scope from me). This role will also be instrumental in architectural and product decisions, helping shape company culture and direction and may move into management and other leadership roles. Assuming both the skillset and motivation is there, this scope goes well beyond development.

Salary range: $110K-180K + extras depending on experience
Position on remote work: The company will be fully remote. This role is remote as long as the location is in the USA within 3 hours of PST.

Qualifications or experience required
You either have a CS degree in undergrad with 3+ years production development experience or have had 5+ years production development experience using Elixir, Ruby/Rails, Python web apps.

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

You will be tasked with building out the Hawku NFT marketplace and data platform for hundreds of utility and gaming NFTs. You will be combining Elixir/Liveview with web3 and will also help make open-source contributions to the Elixir web3 community. You will be doing a lot of Elixir.

About the interview process
Interview consists of at least 2 interviews with the founder with emphasis on technical abilities, motivation, and culture fit.

After remote interviews, the candidate may be offered a specific short-term paid contract to develop in Elixir which may be either used by Hawku directly or submitted to Open Source (depending on the project).
Further info

Please submit your role to and feel free to submit a message there! You can also message me on Elixir Forum.

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