Senior Data Engineer - Marko, Zurich, Remote Europe

Introductory paragraph

Welcome to marko, where we work to make secondhand the first choice! With our online marketplace ( ), we’re on a mission to make secondhand buying and selling easy, safe and inspiring. Across fashion, home and electronics, we’re building a community to revolutionize how secondhand is being perceived.

If you’ve got a flair for data, machine learning and have knowledge in Elixir as well as a strong desire to contribute to a more eco-conscious world, then the role of Senior Data Engineer (Machine Learning, Elixir) is calling out for you!

About us

My name: Luca Mausberg
My position: Founder / COO
Company name: Marko Switzerland AG
Company website:
Company headquarters (country): Zurich, Switzerland
Company info and history: We are using the PETAL stack and are building the whole C2C marketplace from scratch

About the job

We’re looking for an experienced superstar who enjoys working alongside our experienced engineers and product team to quickly build and iterate on data-related backend for our secondhand marketplace.

Job Title: Senior Data Engineer (Machine Learning, Elixir)

Job description:

  • Build the core, for our recommendation engines. You’ll build the first iterations of our product and pricing recommendation engines and everything behind the scenes from the ground up, having a huge and direct impact by shipping your work to users daily.
  • Seek innovative and state-of-the art solutions. You are the one deciding what you need to succeed, within our secondhand marketplace you don’t only have access to classic e-commerce data (pictures, transactions, listings) but also social media related data (likes, comments, follows), that can lay the foundation for a new kind of product and pricing recommendation.
  • Use modern web tech and influence the stack. We use the PETAL stack. LiveView with TailwindCSS on the frontend, and Elixir/Phoenix on the backend to build a best-in-class client and infrastructure that scales. As our main stack has now been built we need you to define new ways to make data accessible and usable not only for machine learning but also analytics.
  • Create a robust and scalable data backend infrastructure. Start building out a Data-Ware-House and make data available in real-time if necessary. We currently deploy to AWS to keep DevOps simple and will be looking for you to establish viable long-term cloud infrastructure and operations.
  • Solve interesting technical problems. Bring your full creativity to solve challenging technical problems: from the core product recommendation engine that users will access through a Social Media inspired Feed to pricing recommendations to help seller price their items.

Salary range: 95-120k CHF + equity with multiple options based on your desire for ownership.

Qualifications or experience required and what you will be working on:

You’re a senior individual contributor that has built machine learning algorithms (preferred for online platforms) and data infrastructures before and this is not an area you have to ramp up on. We don’t require formal qualifications but do value learning — especially from one another. We are looking for someone with an excellent attention to detail that feels a sense of duty to the users of their work.

  • Comprehensive ML expertise. You have end-to-end experience in training, evaluating, testing and deploying machine learning solutions. You possess the insight necessary to apply the most appropriate techniques dependent on the nature of the data. Whether it is hierarchical clustering, one-hot encoding, auto-encoders, principal component analysis (PCA), graph neural networks (GNN), or convolutional neural networks (CNN), you can apply these based on the given context to optimize our machine learning models and drive efficient results.
  • Data Driven Problem Solver. You’re a data enthusiast with the ability to design and implement efficient infrastructures that manages varied and complex data. You’re no stranger to various Data Warehouse solutions and data ingestion methodologies. Not only are you adept in product analytics and probing metrics research, but you also thrive in driving experiments and partnering with engineers to build solid data pipelines.
  • Elixir Enthusiast. You are a supporter of FP and keep up diligently with the advances in the Elixir universe. Being an active member of the community would be a strong plus, but what could set you apart is your understanding and application of the Elixir ML ecosystem with tools like Nx, Axon, Scholar, and Explorer.
  • Highly productive while producing quality code. You enjoy pushing out features in a pragmatic and maintainable way. You know when to use duct tape and when to lay a foundation.
  • Curious and quick learning. We don’t expect you to have experience in every technology we use, but to learn and be productive quickly. Owning several repos and jumping into all of them doesn’t scare you.
  • Attention to detail while pragmatic. We strive for few slips in code, Git hygiene, and clear written communication — all while remaining low-ego and simply focusing on solutions.
  • Good heart. We don’t tolerate jerks and are generally just friendly people.

Position on remote work

Remote job: Yes
Remote restrictions: Europe
Any other notes about your position on remote work: Embrace a healthy work-life balance with the option to work remotely, and to join us in our office in Zurich, Switzerland several times a yea

About the interview process

  • Send along links that best showcase the relevant things you’ve built, and tell us briefly why you’re interested in joining Marko.
  • Get invited to short introduction interview
  • Do a code challenge (approx. 3h)
  • Dive deeper in a technical interview and potentially take us through some code of you
  • Final interview with the founders

Further info

What we offer:

  • Competitive salary and equity: multiple options based on your desire for ownership.
  • Growth opportunity: The chance to create a state-of the art Machine Learning recommendation engine within an amazing team.
  • Shape the Future: Join us in revolutionizing secondhand shopping behaviors and contributing to a brighter and greener future.
  • Well-Being Support: Your happiness matters to us. We promote strong mental health because we value your overall well-being.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Embrace a healthy work-life balance with the option to work remotely, and to join us in our office in Zurich, Switzerland several times a year

How to apply:

If it sounds like you, then don’t wait any longer - send us your CV right now at! We can’t wait to learn more about you and how you can spread our message. Join us in shaping the future of secondhand!

Final note: At marko, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace, where everyone’s unique backgrounds and perspectives are valued and respected. We encourage individuals from all walks of life to join our team and contribute to our mission of making sustainable shopping the first choice for all.


Nice job advert!

I am not looking but I couldn’t help but notice you’re seeking a combo of a senior ML specialist and an Elixir dev. Am I right to think that you’re more looking for a ML dev who is willing to learn Elixir, or vice versa – an Elixir dev willing to learn ML?

I am asking because I am not sure that the intersection of both roles is big. Ideally you’d find a person already being good at both but if not, which of the both options would be more acceptable to you? Knowing this might help people who could otherwise be intimidated by the requirements.

Wishing you good luck in the search!


Hi Dimitarvp,

indeed we also recognize that the intersect will most likely not have a huge pool of talent. As with most things this would be an ideal candidate.

For your question it would be rather someone with an ML background, willing and eager to learn Elixir than the other way around.

All the best