Senior Developer / Scrum Master - Seamly, Remote (CET +/- 2 hours, Dutch speaking)

At Seamly we’re looking for a Senior Software developer / Scrum master to become part of our product development team.

Seamly is the proverbial conductor between conversational platforms. Seamly integrates chatbots, livechat, feedback platforms and back-end processes, ensuring that customers can manage everything in one conversation. We create interfaces on web and app and also provide a seamless conversation between the customer and voicebot on the phone. Our solution is used by quite a few great brands including DHL, Efteling, ASR and Eneco.

You will be joining 17 enthusiastic colleagues but we are continuously growing. We all work remotely but get together once every 4 - 6 weeks for an inspiring afternoon.

About us

My name: Flurin Egger
My position: CTO
Company name: Seamly
Company website:
Company headquarters: the Netherlands

Company info and history:

Seamly is a small bootstrapped company which develops the Seamly platform. Our team consists of highly skilled people that love to build high-quality software. The product team is currently 9 people (1 ux, 1,5 front-end, 1 tester, 6,5 back-end).

Over 45 customers use our systems resulting in an average of 165.000 conversations per day with a total of 15 million interactions per day.

Our back-end tech stack consists of: Elixir (mostly vanilla OTP and some Phoenix & Liveview), Postgres, Clickhouse. We have about 80% test coverage. As QA we use Credo, Mix format, Dialyzer and ExUnit.

Our front-end tech stack consists of: Preact (modern with hooks), ES7+ (migrating to Typescript), Websockets, SCSS. For QA we use Playwright for E2E and Jest for unittests.

We run it all on Azure one multiple virtual machines which are managed by Terraform and Ansbile. In fact 90% of our infrastructure is managed by Terraform. Monitoring is done by Datadog and errors are tracked in our private Sentry instance.

About the job

Job title:
Senior Developer / Scrum Master

Job description:

Within this job you will have two responsibilities.

Primarily you will be working as a Senior Developer. You’ll be writing new features, solving bugs and joining discussions about our application architecture. Part of the job is also writing tests and (peer) reviewing code. This will be around 60% of your daily job.

The other 40% of your daily job will be as a Scrum Master which means you are responsible for:

  • the productivity of our team, in other words: you will encourage people to complete things (if necessary) and ensure that ownership is taken;
  • ensuring that the team can work smoothly;
  • process guidance and process optimization.

Salary range: EUR 5500 - 6800 monthly

Qualifications or experience required:

  • experience as scrum master or project manager for high performing small software teams;
  • proven to own the development and delivery process from A to Z;
  • extensive experience (at least 3 years) with functional programming;
  • preferably experience with Elixir and OTP;
  • knowledge of the Phoenix framework, websockets and realtime applications is a nice to have;
  • Git (not just commit/push but also rebasing);

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

You will be able to pick your own work (based on a backlog). Some of the projects we have for this year:

  • Analytics dashboard (display data from our Clickhouse database in a Phoenix LiveView application)
  • (Semi) Live audio transcription for phone calls with speaker diarization
  • Live insights into our system for customers (will be added to the Analytics dashboard)

Position on remote work

Remote job: Yes
Remote restrictions:

Understanding Dutch is a requirement (preferably you speak Dutch too)

Any other notes about your position on remote work:

  • You should be in roughly the same timezone (CET) +/- 2 hours
  • You should be able to visit in person 10-12 times per year

About the interview process

The interview process consists of 3 interviews:

  1. Informal introduction call (via Google Meets)
  2. Technical interview based on assignment (which you can do in your own time, no pressure)
  3. In person interview in Utrecht, The Netherlands

If all three are positive for both parties, we will make you an offer.

Further info

On a personal level we enjoy working with people who:

  • are team players;
  • find quality important;
  • are able to drive solutions to completion;
  • have a keen business sense;
  • are willing to be critical about their work and ask questions;
  • respond well to feedback; and
  • love learning new stuff

What’s in it for you:

  • A position for 32 - 40 hours a week.
  • Work remote and independently. You choose your own working hours during the week, but most of us are generally available between 9:00 and 17:00.
  • Competitive monthly salary (€ 5.500 - 6.800) with as much days off as you need.
  • A small and supportive team of peer senior developers.
  • A personal budget for hardware and software to make sure you have what you need to work remotely.
  • A great opportunity to assume a lot of responsibility and grow quickly.


If you have any questions about this vacancy, get in touch with me or apply directly here: Seamly | Senior Developer & Scrum master