Senior DevOps / Junior Full Stack Engineer (Phoenix/Elixir) - Marko, Switzerland

Introductory paragraph

We at Marko strive to make second-hand the first choice. We will make buying and selling second hand online easy, fun and secure with our next-generation marketplace.

  • Step 1 Make buying and selling second-hand an amazing experience :sparkles:
  • Step 2 Invite everybody to join our community :two_women_holding_hands::dancer::people_holding_hands::man_dancing::two_men_holding_hands:
  • Step 3 Make it even better :rocket:

Join our dynamic and driven team and help advance the :arrows_counterclockwise: economy.
Let’s make Switzerland (and later more countries…) more sustainable and less wasteful!

About us

My name: Luca Mausberg
My position: Founder / COO
Company name: Marko Switzerland AG
Country: Switzerland
Company info and history: we are using the PETAL stack and are building the whole C2C marketplace from scratch

We rallied some of the biggest brands in Switzerland behind our mission and expanding our team with key players. :tada:

About the job

Job title:
Senior DevOps / Junior Full Stack Engineer (Phoenix/Elixir)

Job description:

We’re looking for an experienced individual contributor (IC) who enjoys working alongside other experienced engineers to build up the DevOps infrastructure of Marko.

  • Build the core DevOps infrastructure. You will be the core person to build up the DevOps infrastructure of Marko. You can choose which platform (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure etc.) you want to use. After launch your role will transition more and more into a split between full-stack engineer and DevOps lead.
  • Help build the core, user-facing product. You’ll build the product and everything behind the scenes from the ground up, having a huge and direct impact by shipping your work to users daily.
  • Use modern web tech and influence the stack. We use the PETAL stack. LiveView with TailwindCSS on the frontend, and Elixir/Phoenix on the backend to build a best-in-class client and infrastructure that scales. As we build out our stack, you get to make critical choices and lay the foundations.
  • Create a robust and scalable backend. Build PostgreSQL database models, performant API, 3rd party integrations (payment, shipping, insurance), product analytics, transactional email, and service monitoring. We currently deploy to Fly.uo to keep DevOps simple and will be looking for you to establish viable long-term cloud infrastructure and operations.
  • Build UI components. You’ll implement basic UI with TailwindCSS and LiveView based on Figma mocks and our design system. You’ll collaborate with designers and frontend engineers on user-facing features powered by your backend code. We rapidly ship UI that has an amazing feel to it by polishing CSS, interaction states, and animations.
  • Solve interesting technical problems. Bring your full creativity to solve super-challenging technical problems: from complex backend architecture with many 3rd party integrations, real-time product search, recommendation engine, highly scalable e-commerce platform, to nifty client-side interactions.

Salary range:
80-125k CHF + equity with multiple options based on your desire for ownership.

Position on remote work:

Qualifications or experience required:

  • Technical background as senior DevOps engineer. You worked the last few years as a senior DevOps engineer with any of the major cloud services and know what is needed to build and maintain a scalable infrastructure for hyper growth.
  • Technical background as junior elixir engineer. After experiencing the burden of an overly complex SPA with SSR in production and having seen the maintenance cost accompanied with it, you started to look for better solutions and found Phoenix Liveview, Elixir and functional programming. You started to educate yourself and use the technology in your personal projects. You felt the joy it brought back to your craft and now you want to transition into a part to full-time position, where you work with it on a daily basis and grow as an elixir engineer.
  • Startup culture. Building new things from the ground up is hard and requires a different mentality than iterating on an existing product. Having experience in a green field product and living through the journey of a new product is a big plus.
  • Highly productive while producing quality code. You are diligent about your solution, stay consistent in your approach and clean up your code before you ship it. You value the readability of your code and the control flow highly.
  • Curious and quick learning. We don’t expect you to have production experience in every technology we use, but to learn and be productive quickly. You’re always open to candid feedback from experienced co-workers and will improve and pickup on new skills autonomously.
  • Attention to detail while pragmatic. We strive for few slips in code, Git hygiene, and clear written communication — all while remaining low-ego and simply focusing on solutions.
  • Good heart. We don’t tolerate jerks and are generally just friendly people.

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

You will be the core person to build up the DevOps infrastructure of Marko. You can choose which platform (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure etc.) you want to use. After launch your role will transition more and more into a split between full-stack engineer and DevOps lead.

About the interview process

  • Send along links that best showcase the relevant things you’ve built, and tell us briefly why you’re interested in joining Marko.
  • Get invited to short introduction interview
  • Dive deeper in a technical interview and take us through some code of you
  • Final interview with all the founders

Further info

Learn more at or DM me if you have any questions.


Awesome will definitely have some questions…