Senior Elixir Developer for Balanced team

Introductory paragraph
Our Balanced Engineering team is looking for senior-level Elixir Developers to help take our technology to the next level! is mainly focusing on building internal accounting software . The main idea is to have Yolo Groups own software that can meet the specific needs of a group company and will improve the workflows of our accountants. The software is already being used by our accountants so we receive direct and fast feedback from our actual users. Automating processes and eliminating manual workflows will make the accounting software act as a seamless backbone of the Yolo Groups’ finances.

About us

My name: Mariell Saar
My position: Technical Recruiter
Company name: Yolo Group
Country: Estonia

Company info
Become a part of one of the strongest Elixir/Erlang tech companies - we were recently nominated as the #1 IT company in Estonia!
The Yolo Group brings next-level innovation to the worlds of gaming, fintech, blockchain, and more. Serving millions of users worldwide, the company is committed to putting the customer at the center of the universe via a wide range of fun, fast and fair products and services.

About the job

Job description:

  • Focusing on back-end development to create responsive, performant, maintainable, and fault-tolerant software;
  • Defining, coding, debugging, testing, and deploying new features;
  • Cooperating with users and partners to find best solutions;
  • Documenting your work;
  • Communicating with the team to find the best solutions together.

Position on remote work:

No remote, PS: We are providing full relocation support.

Qualifications or experience required:

  • 3+ years experience with Elixir or Erlang;
  • Open-minded attitude towards new technologies;
  • Very good in verbal and written English.

Knowledge of the following would be a plus:

  • Experience with accounting, ERP software, or with accounting in general;
  • Full-stack development so interest or experience;
  • Phoenix LiveView, PostgreSQL, Docker, GraphQL or TypeScript.

What the successful job applicant will be working on:


  • Product has different modules with their unique requirements and correlations to each other;
  • All kind of Fin-tech challenges like taxation, high transaction volumes, etc;
  • Adding new features and integrations with other internal or external services.

About the interview process

  1. Screening call
  2. Technical interview
  3. Test task
  4. Team meeting
  5. Offer

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