Senior Elixir Developer - Hiive, Vancouver, Canada, Remote

Introductory paragraph

Hiive is a fintech startup building a marketplace for private pre-IPO companies. We are growing quickly and looking to hire a seasoned Elixir and React developer to our team. The ideal candidate will have substantial experience in Elixir and working mastery of React. They will be the senior most technician on the team and own the architecture of the entire product. They will help elevate the quality of our product, our codebases, and the individual contributions of each team member. Please read the job posting (linked below) for more details!

About us

My name: Logan Leger
My position: VP, Engineering
Company name: Hiive
Company website:
Company headquarters (country): Vancouver, Canada
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc):
We’ve been using Elixir since day 1. We’re big fans of Elixir; our engineering organization is full of long-time Elixir developers, including myself and the CTO. Our backend, which has complex business logic powered by an event bus, has a large GraphQL schema powered by Absinthe. It serves a frontend built with TypeScript and React.

About the job

Job title: Senior Elixir Developer
Job description:
As a Senior Back End Developer at Hiive, you will be a hands-on contributor to the backend system powering our platform. You will collaborate with the executive technical leaders and founding team to deliver new core features to our application. You will work closely with your colleagues to refactor and improve the codebase; create a robust, scalable and secure infrastructure; and build an excellent and supportive engineering culture.

Salary range: Commensurate with experience; the option for significant equity is available as part of a compensation package
Position on remote work: We are a remote-first, distributed team.
Qualifications or experience required:
We would expect qualified candidates to have substantial experience in Elixir. They will be will be a hands-on contributor to the backend system powering our platform. Qualified candidates might have 3-5 years of experience (this is illustrative but not a requirement).
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

  • Implementing new features in collaboration directly with the founding team
  • Proactively finding new ways to improve the system and our team
  • Performing code review

About the interview process

Please describe your interview process.
Our interview process has 3 rounds.

  1. A quick, 15-minute chat to get to know you and learn about your experience. You’ll also get a chance to learn about us, the job, and the team.
  2. A 60-minute technical interview where we’re collaborate on an implementation. This is a real-world engineering problem, not a puzzle. We’re trying to learn how you process requirements, ask questions, and approach work that approximates what you’ll do day-to-day.
  3. A 45-minute chat with the team you’ll be working with to make sure we’re a good fit for you and you’re a good fit for the team.

Further info

Please add any further info and how you’d like to be contacted here.

Feel free to DM me on the Elixir Slack with more questions! I am the hiring manager.

Learn more and apply on our job board:


Only 3 hours experience? Aren’t you the guys who usually ask for 8 years of elixir experience.

Can apply outside from latam?

For the senior role 3-5 years is typical! For our principal role, we’re looking for around 7 years experience overall (it’s an Elixir/React position), so it’s a bit different. Neither is prescriptive though. We list years of experience to illustrate what we usually see in successful candidates for these roles, but it’s hardly the most important attribute when we evaluate candidates.

We will consider remote worldwide for the right candidate! Feel free to apply.