Senior Elixir developer - Remote/California

Senior Elixir Engineer - Remote

About us

My name: Anastasia
My position: IT Recruiter
Company name: New Standards
Country: Remote
Company info and history :
New Standards is a software development company specializing in implementation of innovative apps, sites, and high-complexity enterprise systems.

  • Located in Silicon Valley, the heart of tech innovation
  • More than 100 successful projects delivered
  • Client base:
    • Fortune 500 (Fidelity, Disney, Blue Cross Blue Shield, others)
    • Silicon Valley startups (Smugmug, Townsquared, Fundly, Domuso, etc.)
  • Extensive experience in Mobile Development (iOS and Android apps, mobile optimized web sites, mobile tracking and logistics systems)
  • Deep expertise in complex Web system development (web sites, web integration, web services, ecommerce stores)

Our History

New Standards was founded in 2006 as an R&D unit out of Stanford University, and many of our current team members are MS and PhD graduates from Stanford. In 2008 we were awarded an Innovation award from Google, opening doors for us to many great clients and allowing us to expand into some exceptional opportunities.

About the job

Job title: Senior Elixir developer
Salary range: 5000$
Position on remote work: remote
Qualifications or experience required:

  • Have 5 years of experience with Elixir
  • Have experience with SQL / PostgreSQL

i’ll be glad to discuss the vacancy !
Write to me on Telegram @kolesnikova_am :hugs:

Salary range: 5000$

Per month? In California?

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Yes I believe this post is a bit out of context of what’s going on in the market…Also, see that 5 years of experience is in the wishlist.

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