Senior Elixir Developer, UK / EU (Remote), £50-80k (€60k-90k) - Flexibility AS

  • Experienced developer looking to make a positive environmental impact?
  • Passionate about good software design?
  • Wouldn’t say no to a little AI and/or Data Science?

About us
We’re a young startup solving remote EV charge management. Elixir is the glue that holds our stack together. Our project core is now maturing beyond the prototype stage, and we need help expanding our offering with some exciting new features.

My name: Paul Dann
My position: CTO
Company name: Flexibility AS
Website: New positions! – Flexibility
Country: UK / EU (Remote)

Company info and history

Based in Norway, Flexibility is CEO Lars’s dream to fuse his extensive energy trading experience with a big dollop of state-of-the-art AI to solve complex optimisation problems related to the environmental and cost-effective charging of electric vehicle fleets and related infrastructure.

About the job

Job title: Experienced Developer (Elixir)
Job description: Core team developer, focused mainly on our Elixir “kernel”, but occasionally extending into some frontend work (VueJS, Flutter), data science (Julia, Python), and devops (Kubernetes).
Salary range: £50k-80k (€60k-90k) depending on experience
Position on remote work: Remote, with access to office in Oslo and possibly in Birmingham
Qualifications or experience required: Solid backend (preferably full-stack) background, with specific Elixir experience

About the interview process

  • Elixir competency test
  • Interview with CTO
  • Interview with CEO

It’ll all be pretty informal, don’t worry!

Further info

Please fill in an application here: Application – Flexibility