Senior Elixir Engineer - 7Sage, NYC, United States - Remote Worldwide

7Sage is a fast-growing education technology company. We’re looking for a Senior Elixir Engineer. Our small, remote team moves at the pace of a startup, but we’ve been profitable since the day we were founded in 2012. If you come to 7Sage, you’ll have a chance to work on thorny problems that immediately improve our users’ experience, with no red tape, no pressure from investors, and no fiscal cliff.

About us

My name: David Busis
My position: Managing Partner
Company name: 7Sage
Company website:
Company headquarters (country): United States/remote
Company info and history**(how you’re using Elixir etc)****:**Founded in 2012 as the first fully-digital LSAT prep company, 7Sage has helped hundreds of thousands of students prepare for law school. Our site is built on WordPress and PHP, but we’re working on a brand-new site built with Elixir and Phoenix.

About the job

Job title: Senior Elixir Engineer
Job description: As our Senior Elixir Engineer, you’ll work closely with our CTO to architect and build the next version of our site. Eventually, the job may include leading a team of developers.
Salary range: $150–$215k, depending on experience.
Benefits include…

  • 401(K) matching (3.5% for American employees only)
  • Fully-paid health care (American employees only)
  • Equipment budget
  • Generous vacation and sick leave

Position on remote work: The job is fully remote. We’re looking for talent from around the world.

Qualifications or experience required: Deep experience in Elixir is required. A computer science degree is a plus.

What the successful job applicant will be working on: You’ll be building a new learning web app from scratch.

About the interview process

Here’s how it works:

  1. You finish reading this and email
    1. Put “Senior Elixir Engineer — Elixir Forum” in the subject line.
    2. Write a few sentences about why you think we might be a good fit, but don’t send a whole cover letter.
  2. Attach your résumé.
  3. We have a short, non-technical interview.
  4. We send you a trial project. You ask questions, if you like, and tell us when we can expect a solution.
  5. If we like your solution, we have an hour-long interview.

That’s it! If you knock our socks off, we’ll make you an offer.

Further info

Feel free to email with any questions about this position.

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