Senior Elixir Engineer at EnquireLabs, (NY, NY; Remote)

Introductory paragraph

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About us

My name: Matt Bahr
My position: CEO
Company name: EnquireLabs
Country: USA
Company info and history:

EnquireLabs is a post-purchase survey app focused on the direct-to-consumer space.

Our core product serves post-purchase surveys on order confirmation pages. EnquireLabs’ customers rely on the data we collect to inform a whole slew of business decisions. We currently work with over 900 Shopify merchants and serve roughly 125,000 surveys a day. In 2020, we’ve grown 500% and expect to continue that growth rate into 2021.

Elixir based backend with a related Phoenix and Phoenix LiveView app. Postgres DB.

About the job

Job title: Contract Senior Engineer
Job description: Assist CTO in development and engineering tasks; build new features, enhance analytics, etc.
Salary range: negotiable
Position on remote work: remote preferred
Qualifications or experience required: 7+ years engineering experience
What the successful job applicant will be working on: the successful job applicant will have a critical role in helping us scale from 125k daily surveys to 10+ million.

About the interview process

  • 2x calls with myself and CTO + code review
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