Senior Elixir Engineer (human) - Eventinc GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Introductory paragraph

As a Senior Software Engineer (Elixir) your mission is to craft the next generation of our Event Inc Platform, accelerate our company growth and reimagine business automations with AI tooling.

About us

My name: Maximilian Stroh
My position: Head of Engineering
Company name: Eventinc GmbH
Company website:
Company headquarters (country): Hamburg, Germany
Company info and history:

We are a scale-up, coming from a simple listing-page background turned national market leader with strong B2B ties, and inherited several techstacks from acquisitions with large overlaps with each other. Now its the time to combine all these different experiences and growth-induced tech struggles into a single powerful platform. We want to expand our portfolio into more markets and make managing company events in general an amazing experience for everyone, from organizers to locations.

About the job

Job title: Senior Elixir Engineer
Job description: Join or Engineering team to leverage Elixir to the fullest to build an industry-leading customer experience.
Position on remote work: Hybrid model, with at least 2 days onsite in Hamburg.
Qualifications or experience required: multiple years of web development experience in general, great understanding of Elixir/Phoenix/LiveView/TailwindCSS. Also our team language is english, but german is a plus (iE: for native customer interviews).

About the interview process

initial screening, small take-home tech challenge, team interview round, decision.

Further info

If you’re interested, please apply here: Senior Software Engineer - Elixir (Mensch) | Jobs at Eventinc GmbH

Are you 100% strict about being Hamburg-based? With the small elixir market that is a major restriction. :slightly_frowning_face:

this is pretty strict due to general corporate policy unfortunately. but also we’re in the business of corporate events, so bet that we have an idea about how to make our own happenings great! :slight_smile:

Do you have any relocation possibilities?

we help you with the visa process and assist with all the paperwork of course

Nice, how much would rent would cost in that city per month?

well its in germany (so not the cheapest of europe) and a popular metropolitan area (although not as high as munich), so its not too cheap. when comparing offers, maybe see Renting in Hamburg - about the local syntax for appartment parameters and in general something like 11 Things to Know Before Moving From Canada To Germany - MovingWaldo is quite right (yes its in CAD, but you can translate currency into whatever you are used to).

But as a raw benchmark, the salary for a senior dev here allows for a comfortable living situation matching 1/3 renting/living + 1/3 expensed and fun + 1/3 saving usually, factored in all costs not only rent, except when you have like expensive hobbies. Hope it helps!

If your office can offer me this setup, no problem :slight_smile:

On a more serious note, I live in Bydgoszcz, Poland, so 2d/wk onsite would probably be feasible. Or has this Hamburg-based requirement also to do with taxes?

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Idk if they will be able to find that chandelier :joy: .


Model M?

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That (human) in the role title got me curious. Has AI started to replace us already?


well one thing I am doing day-to-day now (and also is part of the role) is looking at routine tasks real people are doing and botting it, mostly via livebook + OpenAI API/function calling ad-hoc… and some parts of engineering, especially the more boilerplate stuff with react/typescript is pretty straightforward to automate!

Like give the model some constraints or an example and tell it to create more code → testsuites → docs, and then run a few “how to improve” loops autonomously. I think the sheer learning corpus size for some programming areas is huge and it works well for specific languages, ideally if you can provide a kind of sandbox to run the generated code and feed results/errors back via function calling API.

Still, we want humans here, for the more interesting/creative part, but of course we should let machines do the work whenever possible :slight_smile:

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Should it not be implied? Unless there exists a “Job Post” where non-humans’ attentions need to be attracted? I would think there’s a human intelligence interaction team or something which is named “Human” and the toString() method for the JobPost class concatenatis title with department :smiley:

Update: Wait, sorry I just realized you are the original poster, so I cancel my theory above.

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well, a modern remake, but yup :slight_smile:

I just moved this June from Hamburg to Trier, because the rental market was just bonkers, though I miss the city. Would you reimburse the train tickets and accommodation during the onsite days?

Only for a temporary period of time while you look for rental unfortunately, but we know that Hamburg is not cheap and offer good salaries to begin with!