Senior Elixir Engineer - Remote (Europe)

We’re hiring Elixir engineers to build the missing tools for the Deskless workforce. We’re a close knit, fully remote team which values flexibility (including our 4.5 day working week) and loves liveview! We’ve recently raised funding from some amazing investors including Speedinvest, Notion and Monzo founder Tom Blomfield.

About us

My name: Ben Dixon
My position: Cofounder / CTO
Company name: Sona
Country: United Kingdom
Company info and history: We’re a team who are passionate about building better tools for the deskless workforce. We’re early in our journey having just raised pre-seed but already have multiple paying clients and an experienced team in place. Elixir and Liveview have been core to the product from our start.

About the job

Job title: Senior Engineer
Job description:
Salary range: £70-90k
Position on remote work: We are a fully remote company and have been from the start
Qualifications or experience required: At least 1 year of professional Elixir development
What the successful job applicant will be working on: Building out our Elixir & Liveview web application with the opportunity to also get involved with our React Native mobile application.

About the interview process

Our hiring process follows this pattern:

  • Initial phone screen (15-30 minutes) focused primarily on approach to work, career goals and your questions about Sona
  • Technical Interview (1-2 hours) take us through a piece of code you’re proud of and talk about how it’s architected, what worked well and what you’d do differently if you wrote it again. If you don’t have a suitable piece of code, we’re also happy to pay you for half a days work to do a take home task. But we understand that everyone’s busy so we’d much rather use some code you’ve already got where possible!
  • Founder Interview (1 hour), focused on why you’re interested in Sona and your questions about the vision

Further info

You can read more about the role and apply here


Awesome to see the salary range include. This saves wasting time for both parts :slight_smile:

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This is very rare to see and should be the norm :slight_smile:


Thanks, really glad it’s received positively!