Senior Elixir Engineer - Superlist, Remote EU

We are looking for an experienced backend engineer who can help build and maintain our core Elixir application which acts as the server for our frontend apps, which are written in Flutter.

About Superlist

Superlist will challenge the status quo of team productivity apps by building experiences that can be loved by everyone.

My name: Mai Otero
My position: Head of People & Culture
Company name: Superlist
Company website:
Company headquarters (country): Germany

About the job

Job title: Senior Elixir Engineer
Job description:
The senior elixir engineer is responsible for building our core Elixir server that powers our frontend Flutter clients.

They are responsible for working with our designers to understand product requirements, Flutter engineers to understand frontend client requirements, and other backend engineers to understand scaling and maintainability requirements. Then, take these requirements and turn them into high-quality backend solutions.

They are also responsible for working on our “insights” dashboard, written with Phoenix, which provides a way for developers to explore and debug our core entities, such as Tasks and Lists of Tasks, with a simplified web UI.

Qualifications or experience required: 3+ years Elixir work experience

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

  • Writing backend applications with Elixir and MongoDB
  • Writing Phoenix application to view information about core entities: Tasks, Lists of Tasks, Users
  • Working with
  • Work with Backend Engineers to measure

Interview process

30 min intro call with Mai
1-2 hours coding assignment
1-hour call with dev team
Final interview with Head of Engineer and Founder


Hey @D4no0, check this out!

P.S. Damn the site is beautiful!!


In your career section on the website I see only senior flutter developer position

Yeah… We haven’t opened the position yet, it will be there from the end of next week.
But Im already starting to spread the word :wink: