Senior Elixir Engineer - Switzerland

Introductory paragraph
We are a young Zurich/Switzerland based Start-up with the vision to disrupt the HR hiring for mid-sized and big companies by using a revolutionary approach. The back-end development is in Elixir, Vue.js is used for the front-end. We are looking to add-up our existing development team of currently two developer. Interested to be part of the journey?

About us
My name: Ivan Huwiler
My position: Data/Information and Technology Advisor
Company name: Treazrly AG
Country: Switzerland
Company info and history:
Treazrly is a Start-up company based in Zurich/Switzerland. The company works together with two other companies, which are already well established in the market.

About the job
We are seeking talented developer passionate about best practices in development to contribute and bring the existing platform to the next level. Our team is small, agile and top of the game. We are looking for an Elixir Developer who will analyze according to the business requirements, develop, test and implement advanced software solutions. You will work collaboratively within the existing teams and have strong interpersonal skills and in-depth practical knowledge and experience in Elixir, in addition Vue.js as a plus.

Job title: Senior Software Engineer
Job description: Focus on the backend development with Elixir, frontend Vue.js is a plus!
Position on remote work: 30% to 50% on-going, remote or onsite on request
Location and time zone: we prefer being in the Switzerland time zone or nearby
Qualifications or experience required: experienced, approx. 5 years in development

About the interview process
Interviews by video conference (1. introductory, 2. go through specifics inclusive code walk-through). Follow-up with our Head of System & Content. Decision circle and feedback.