Senior Elixir Engineer - Vancouver, Canada, Remote

About us

My name: Laura Ann Williams ( & John Richardson )
My position: Lead Developer ( & CEO )
Company name: Ethelo Decisions
Company website:
Company headquarters (country): Vancouver, Canada
Company info and history:

Ethelo is a social enterprise dedicated to better group decision-making and democracy. We provide a participatory democracy platform used by local governments and other public agencies (in Canada and abroad) to engage citizens in important public decisions. Using Ethelo, customers can configure “decision-environments” which allow participants to learn, comment, vote and make decisions together. The technology is built on a patented algorithm which enables groups of any size to focus their collective intelligence and find smart, broadly supported outcomes.

We are a small but dedicated team, focused on collaboration, with a casual and friendly work environment. Communication is key, and we encourage everyone on staff to provide feedback and insights on daily processes and long term goals.

We have been using Elixir / Phoenix / Absinthe for our internal GraphQL API for several years, and are refocusing on simplifying our tech stack in 2023. We will be updating and expanding our Elixir API with the goal of replacing legacy functions that currently exist in Ruby. Our priority is creating an optimized, unit-tested, and easily maintainable API that will eventually be available for our clients and partners to use. The rest of our stack includes React, Ember.js, Rails and C++.

About the job

Job title: Senior Elixir / API Developer
Job description:

Salary range: Negotiable
Position on remote work: We are a fully distributed, remote work company with flexible shifts. However, staff is expected to be present by video for morning standup ( PST ) most days.

Qualifications or experience required:

  • Experience with our stack: Elixir, Phoenix, Absinthe, Postgres, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker
  • Experience in a wide range of functionality, including deployment, application packaging, security, database optimization, asynchronous tasks and communicating with c++ apps
  • Experience in refactoring and restructuring legacy code bases, or maintaining a code base long term
  • Interest or Experience in translating a general feature idea into a spec, along with the rest of the Product and Dev team
  • High standards for code consistency, documentation, test coverage and maintainability
  • Excellent communication skills are absolutely key. Our preferred candidate will ask questions, make suggestions, provide feedback, share problems and keep the rest of the team in the loop.
  • Be comfortable communicating via Discord, Asana and Zoom
  • Familiarity with the Blockchain / DAOs / Web3 is an asset but not required

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

We are looking for someone with the experience and expertise to lead the revision of our existing internal API. As we work to eliminate our legacy Ruby code, we’ll also need to ensure the Elixir code is as robust and maintainable as possible. Everything is up for review - deployment, infrastructure, transition plans and code structure.

We want someone enthusiastic about improving systems, contributing to design and infrastructure decisions, and balancing new features alongside the transition process.

As the Senior Elixir developer on staff, you’ll be expected to review our existing code and infrastructure, help build the transition timeline, and be part of the process as we expand the team over this year. We’re looking for both opinions and expertise. Code reviews, debugging, and participating in our tech team meeting to plan and prioritize will be part of your weekly routine. You’ll also be working with our Product Manager, QA team and other devs to ensure that all new and updated features have been tested end-to-end after integration with the rest of the app.

About the interview process

Please submit your resume and a code sample to Shortlisted Candidates will have a video interview with Laura (Lead Dev) and John (CEO) to discuss skills, interests and cultural fit. After interviews, we’ll notify candidates. Salary and employment contract will be negotiated with John.

Further info

Ethelo is a mission-oriented, justice-seeking employer. In particular we are welcoming applications from people who can help us create a feminist, anti-racist, LGBTQ friendly workplace that empowers disabled people. We provide a distributed, flexible workplace with staff who work across various time zones across the globe.

For a look at what we do, please visit any of the demos on our website. Have questions? Contact!


Can apply outside of the US/CA?

Yes, we do not require you to be in North America.

Note, today is the last day we will be looking at resumes. Thank you to everyone who has submitted.
Shortlisted applicants will be contacted this week.

I really enjoyed using Asana in the past. I hope it starts getting more visibility as a lightweight Jira alternative (where you can see all the issues and sub-tasks within a given sprint in a condensed, interactive table view).