Senior Elixir Engineer @ - Remote

Introductory paragraph is a 4 year old startup building AI platform for accounting firms and we’re expanding our Elixir team (4 Elixers here already :raised_hands:).

About us

My name: Marcin Kulik
My position: DevOps (formerly Elixer, still doing it occasionally)
Company name:
Country: USA/Norway
Company info and history: we use Elixir as an integration point between various services (web and mobile clients and backend services), for core business logic layer and 3rd party integrations

About the job

Job title: Senior Elixir Engineer
Job description: See “What you’ll do” section in Greenhouse job offer (link below)
Salary range: you’ll be well compensated
Position on remote work: totally!
Qualifications or experience required: ideally several years of Elixir experience - see full requirements in Greenhouse job offer (link below)
What the successful job applicant will be working on: API (GQL), 3rd party integrations, business logic, internal tools… whatever Elixir makes sense for

About the interview process

We do initial video call to present ourselves and let the candidate tell us more about them. Then we do a follow up video call getting into more tech stuff, discussing theoretical problem to see how it is to work on something together. We don’t ask trivia questions and we don’t ask candidates to solve arbitrary, unrelated tasks (no fizzbuzz here ;))

Further info

To apply use the application form at Greenhouse: Job Application for Senior Elixir Engineer at

Looking to hire ASAP.