Senior Elixir/Phoenix Developer at iPlus, Vietnam

We are a small team in Vietnam building digital platforms that has seen tremendous growth. That growth has new challenges & opportunities, so we are seeking additional teammates.

About us

My name: TAM Le Duc
My position: CPO
Company name: iPlus
Country: Vietnam

About the job

Job title: Senior Elixir/Phoenix Framework Developer.
Vietnamese Candidate.
Job description: You will:

  • Collaborate with the team to design the solution, delivery roadmap.

  • Design a highly reliable architecture based on Elixir, Erlang OTP, and the BEAM.

  • Work with emerging technologies in Elixir and Phoenix Framework, Phoenix Liveview

  • Feel confident making your own decisions and executing plans.

  • The ability to work without close supervision. In a company our size, everyone wears multiple hats.

  • Strong prioritization. Apply the MoSCoW approach and always keep in mind that “Done is better than perfect”.

  • We run on Elixir, but deep knowledge of the language is not a hard requirement. Elixir or Erlang experience is great, but we are also welcome someone who is willing to learn.

  • You never say “that’s impossible” or “we’d never do that”. Instead, you find the options and can communicate them to everyone in the team.

Salary range: 12k - 18k USD

Apply: JobAZ


You should clarify if this is monthly or yearly.

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This is first time I post job on our forum, then I just refer the information of other jobs, the default is the salary range of yearly.

In Vietnam the salary is not usual as high as some countries. Hence the range 12k - 18k might confuse someone. But this is yearly range.

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