Senior Engineer - Greenfield Blockchain Project - Concurrency exp required

My name: Matt Flannery
My position: Director
Company name: Path Networks

A crypto startup about to undergo ICO, already raised a significant amount (10M+ USD) in last 2 months. Explosive growth. We are revolutionising the internet intelligence, network / cyber security, monitoring and application performance industries using Blockchain technology. Everybody in our Engineering team is senior with 10/15 years experience.

Job title: Senior Engineer
Job description: Elixir developer required to build out an API on AWS that is highly performant and can handle 1M+ concurrent WebSockets connections from our decentralised Blockchain mining node network
Salary range: 120 - 200K AUD
Position on remote work: Yes, 100% remote
Qualifications or experience required: Elixir, Concurrency Programming, Functional Programming.
Advantageous Experience: Kubernetes, Frontend dev (React)

Interview process will be fast - a phone call with Director of Engineering + Myself + CTO. Any code examples help a lot.

Please email CV to