Senior fullstack functional developer - Standard Chartered India

**Looking for senior fullstack/Phoenix devs in India **

About us

My name: Christopher Owen
My position: Fullstack functional developer
Company name: Standard Chartered Bank
Building out a series of internal tools including an auditable data collection tool for compliant release evidences, dynamic form generation, and simplifying workflows for humans (think Zapier)

About the job

Job title: Senior fullstack functional developer
Job description: see
Country: India

Salary range: negotiable but we’ll compensated
Position on remote work: Bangalore/Chennai only
Qualifications or experience required: 6+ years experience in building web based applications with a functional spin
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

About the interview process

  1. Applications just go through
    Country: India

  2. Introductory phone call

  3. Take home programming test (simple kata, looking for clean code and good practices over algorithmic knowledge)

  4. HR review and background checks