Senior & Intermediate Engineers - Los Angeles/Remote, USA - Ground Floor

We’re a startup looking to build our founding engineering team around a marketplace focused on supporting local, sustainable economies.

About us

My name: James Yang
My position: Founder
Company name: FarmShoppr
Country: USA
Company info and history:

FarmShoppr is looking to make its first engineering hires and we want to build a team with smart, creative people that are looking to build innovative solutions and not afraid to make big impacts.

We are an online marketplace and delivery network for farmers markets. It’s similar to an InstaCart for farmers markets. We make the farmers market available to shop online. Vendors who have little no to tech savviness can sell online and customers can order online and get farm fresh goods delivered to them.

Currently, we are partnered with 4 farmers markets and over 100 vendors but before expanding to more markets, we’re looking to rebuild the entire marketplace and platform from the ground up using Elixir on the backend.

About the job

Job title: Senior and/or Intermediate Software Engineers
Job description:

You will become part of our founding team and need to have a passion for building, learning and getting sh*t done. You need to be able to communicate effectively (verbal & written), work independently and comfortable with responsibility.

As one of the early engineers, you will work closely with the founders on designing the backend architecture of the platform and creating a roadmap for development along with building it out and working on individual product features.

Salary range: Competitive. 100k - 160k. Benefits. Stock Options.
Position on remote work: Open to onsite or remote
Qualifications or experience required:

  • 2+ years of experience in Elixir (Phoenix/Ecto is a plus) and web APIs. Experience with PHP and Javascript is a plus.
  • Strong experience with at least one relational database like PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • Experience with designing and architecting reliable distributed systems
  • Ability to write high performance, reliable and maintainable code
  • Comfortable working with Git, Linux and basic systems admin

About the interview process

Please email me at if you are interested with “Elixir Job” in the subject title.

We’ll setup a time to chat so you can get a sense of who we are and what you’re looking for to see if it would be a good match and go from there.


If it’s not a secret, why the experience with PHP is a plus?

Our current stack uses PHP so it would be nice to have someone that could easily help with it, but not necessary as we will be moving away from it.

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