Senior/Intermediate/Junior Elixir Developer, Remote, USA

CargoSense’s flagship product is a logistics intelligence platform that enables shippers of freight to source data from their supply chains in real time, and use that data in day-to-day operations and business strategy. Logistics underpins almost every industry and activity, and the approach CargoSense takes to providing visibility into logistics though measurement and software is transforming companies and industries. We’ve seen dramatic growth in our business over the last year, and we presently have several openings to fill on our engineering team.

About us

CargoSense was an early adopter of Elixir (v0.14) and uses Elixir as a core part of its API (GraphQL) and even UI (LiveView). We’ve got a great team of people who value high quality communication, interesting problems, and building great products.

My name: Ben Wilson

My position: CTO

Company name: CargoSense


Country: USA

About the job

Job title: (Senior/Intermediate/Junior) Developer

Job description:

This opening is on our Core Platform team. This team is responsible for the primary data processing, warehousing, and logistics modeling that powers our logistics intelligence capabilities, as well as the APIs that our satellite apps consume. The tech stack this team works in centers around PostgreSQL (with TimescaleDB), Elixir (with Phoenix and its LiveView capabilities), and GraphQL.

Salary range: $105k-$170k (depends on experience, skillset)

Position on remote work: We are 100% remote, and accepting candidates from the USA (direct employment) and Canada, EU / GB, and South America by contract.

Relevant Experience

We’re looking for creative people that enjoy problem solving, aim to deliver quality software, and work well with others.

For more junior positions, ideal candidates have at least some of the following experience:

  • Some previous experience with a backend web server language / framework, preferably Elixir or Ruby/Rails.

  • Basic competancy with foundational developer tools like git.

  • Some familiarity with relational databases.

  • Basic HTML / CSS / JS skills.

For more senior positions, ideal candidates have at least some of the following experience:

  • Established familiarity with Elixir and its ecosystem.

  • Experience scoping and managing projects.

  • An interest in mentoring or collaborating with others.

  • PostgreSQL

  • DevOps, in particular Kubernetes.

  • Familiarity with production debugging, metrics, and other monitoring.

About the interview process

Please email me at if you are interested, or alternatively message me directly on this forum.

We’ll setup a time to chat and get a sense of what you’re looking for and who we are. If it seems like there is a good fit we’ll have a few more conversations with other members of the team and go from there.

There will not be any live code exercises or similar.

P.S. We are also hiring developers for Ruby on Rails positions.


We don’t see this very often :slight_smile:

It will be based on white-board problem solving?

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Nope, we’re just gonna chat. Candidates should be able to speak sensibly about projects they’ve done, things they’ve learned as a developer, etc. I do not believe that ‘hot seat’ style interviews with white boards, code or whatever else is a reasonable way to judge someone’s ability to code (this is well supported by literature on the subject as well).


Hi, you were quite explicit with your list but I thought I’d ask anyway. Are you open to hiring Canadians?

Hi, my original list was insufficiently precise. We accept candidates from outside the US, but at the moment can only engage them as contractors. In such a situation any overhead incurred from that arrangement is taken into consideration as far as the contract rate goes, and as far as the day to day of being a developer goes non US team members are treated as full employees.


Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

I agree, because at least with me I feel very nervous and don’t perform well when doing code interviews or white-board problem solving, but I don’t mind taking a code exercise home, provided it reflects the domain the company his hiring me for.

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Do you consider timezone difference a factor? A candidate can be from USA, but is living in, for example, Asia. Would they still be able to apply?

Timezones are right now a factor. We are right now unlikely to hire someone outside further east than UTC+2, and further west than US pacific.

As a general update, we’ve received ~50 applications so far, many of which seem to be well qualified for the position(s). This is a lot more than we expected, so we’re adjusting our plans a bit to handle this volume and will be in touch with candidates shortly about next steps.


Would be possible to apply as a contractor for a part-time position?
Which is the timezone you guys usually work on?
I’m Ruby on rails backend engineer located in Spain. But I wanted to start having professional experience with elixir, which I used once in a internal project for a previous company I worked at, and playing in personal projects.

We are not accepting part time right now, sorry.

We are closing this position for applications right now while we process though the applications we have, thanks everyone!


It is great to see that you are receiving a large number of qualified applicants. Availability of people with the right technical skills is an important part of choosing a technical solution, and I have to be particularly careful on that front because I’m often choosing for our clients rather than ourselves. The more evidence I have that they won’t have trouble hiring Elixir capable employees the better!