Senior/Principal Fullstack Engineer - Atlanta, GA

Senior/Principal Fullstack Engineer - Atlanta, GA
Full Remote - EST/CST Time zones (English)


STORD is building one of the first, end-to-end Cloud Supply Chains. We are growing our engineering team from 4 to 6 teams. Our stack is React,, Elixir/Phoenix, Microservices, Docker/Kubernetes/Istio running on Google Cloud Platform with continuous delivery pipelines

About us

My name: David Hardwick
My position: VP of Engineering
Company name: STORD
Website: ( )
Country: USA
Company info and history : Fast growing startup, over 12M in funding from top VC firms, and we’ve more than doubled our revenues in one year, and we continue to grow at a triple-digic pace, year over year.

About the job

Job title: Senior or Principal Fullstack Engineer
Job description:

Salary range: Very competitive – we are looking for top talent, not the cheapest talent

Position on remote work: Full Remote, just want people to live in EST / CST Timezones

Qualifications or experience required: See job description link

What the successful job applicant will be working on: Building out one of the first end-to-end Cloud Supply Chains. Distributed order management, Fulfillment, Receiving, Customer Management, Inventory Management

About the interview process

  1. (optional) Intro call with VP of Engineering -
  2. Call with Talent team and then call with an Engineering Leader
  3. Skills challenge - Take at home, take as much time as you need
  4. Face to face interview on Skills, Breadth & Depth of Experience, and Cultural Values

Further info

Please use the ‘Apply Now’ button on the job description page


I’m local to Atlanta (but not looking) and can vouch that Stord seems like a great company. It sounds like a pretty interesting product space as well.


Thank you, Stephen!

I am in the EU but I am not fond of the 9-5 working hours cycle so I am likely going to comply with US timezones schedule. What from-to hours (UTC) are you looking for in a candidate?