Senior Software Developer Backend - Elixir/TypeScript (M/W/X) - i22, Germany, Remote (Germany, EU)

Introductory paragraph

We are i22. Partner for e-commerce and marketing transformation. Technical platforms, content, experience, operation: We deliver customized solutions and processes. We accompany our customers from the strategic idea to the operation of the finished product. Strong solutions, hands-on and reliable. We are a team of 100+ digital experts who value pragmatic, efficient and responsible collaboration. We have been around for over 25 years and work for well-known companies such as Deutsche Telekom or Gothaer Versicherungen. i22 trusts in people empowerment, which is why our teams are self-organized, cross-functional and live technology openness and diversity.

About us

My name: Norbert Melzer
My position: Senior Software Developer
Company name: i22 Digitalagentur
Company website:
Company headquarters (country): Bonn, Germany
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc): Elixir is currently used in a product database and an internal deployment tool. The main Elixir project though is the product database which aggregates product data from several sources and stores them, as well as serving requests for currently 3 web shops.

About the job

Job title: Senior Software Developer Backend - Elixir/TypeScript (M/W/X)
Job description: You will be responsible for feature development and maintenance in the already mentioned product database. It has a backend written in Elixir and a custom admin-UI written in JavaScript and Vue. You will also be part of a team that currently develops a tighter integration with our customers ordering and billing processes. This project is implemented in TypeScript.
Position on remote work: This position is explicitely remote. Though there is always some desk available in the offices in Bonn. Occassional travel and accommodation are viable for a (partial) refund.
Qualifications or experience required: Fluent business german is mandatory. Elixir and TypeScript on a senior level. Good knowledge of Ecto and Absinth.

About the interview process

Usually the interview process is like the following, though adaptions based on circumstances are of course possible:

  1. You send in your application
  2. Initial call (~45 minutes)
    Someone from HR and usually a future team member will want to learn something about you. This is a mutual exchange and getting to know each other. We share info about the company and the position, you share info about your previous experiences and personal life (as you wish).
  3. Experience Day
    A more thorough learning to know each other with HR and the team as well as CEOs.
    Also after a lunchbreak you will be able to prove yourself in a tailored exercise, usually in kind of a pairing session.
  4. Welcome aboard
    After we internally discussed the experience day, you will be made an offer, which you can accept or decline

Further info

Even though full EU is currently mentioned, we are still checking legal requirements.

Original Job Announcement on the companies website: i22. Senior Software Developer Backend - Elixir/TypeScript (m/w/x) - Remote


I never worked on TypeScript in production and I don’t know German at all, but I had a contract with German company, so I can add my two cents and show how it looked like in my case … :two: :moneybag:

On the advice of my accountant I have created a simple SRL (equivalent to LLC in UK) company in Romania. Our companies signed one document called consulting agreement. At the end of every month I was sending on some email address an invoice with:

  1. single position Elixir/OTP and Phoenix consultancy services - Month Year
  2. price as salary
  3. quantity as hours
  4. and … 0% TVA (Romanian VAT).

Note: In Romania you do not need to pay TVA below ~88.5k EUR yearly. :+1:

Note: The accountant sends you 3 templates for invoices (within EU below TVA limit, within EU above TVA limit and outside EU if remember correctly), so you do not even need to worry if a random invoice template you found is good or not. :smiling_face:

Obviously I have no idea how it looked like inside their company, but I guess that they simply count my services as company spending just like in B2B-like contracts. :page_with_curl:

As owner of SRL company I was responsible to … kindly listen my accountant. :smiley:

They did all the paper work and I only need to:

  1. send to my accountant email with documents for accounting (monthly)
  2. pay 3% (1% if you have at least one employee) income tax (quarterly)
  3. optionally sign a declaration of withdraw and pay 8% (previously 5%) withdraw tax.
  4. sign fiscal declarations 205 and 207 in my case

Note: Documents for accounting are:

  1. Invoices your company issued
  2. Statement for all company bank accounts
  3. Invoices you have received
  4. Optionally employee spending (if any)
  5. Other information about company spending like renting an office, office costs, energy bills etc.

Meanwhile there were some smaller, less important changes, but those are details to consult with an accountant and may be different for each use case. If anyone have some question here is a link to the page of accounting service I use: :link:

Hope it helped! :rocket:

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