Senior Software Developer | Delhi, India | Full-time

Rebhu Computing was founded with an aim to bring practices of sustainable engineering in the domain of Computing industry. In order to achieve our vision, we need to intricately work with a wide variety of pre-dominant underlying technologies which are a part of our today’s society. Few of which happen to be the devices and technologies we regularly interact with like mobile devices, consumer electronics, distributed systems, cloud technologies, data center, ML/AI, and the internet.

If caring for sustainability of planet is as important for you as building a viable business then you will love working with us. As an early engineer, you’ll be in Engineer’s paradise as you’d be involved in the product roadmap and all decisions concerning the tech stack.

We’re keen to hire excellent people from any background and welcome applicants of all levels.

About us

My name: C. Mishra
My position: Founder, CEO
Company name: Rebhu Computing
Company info and history: We are under incorporation and have a small but strong team of enthusiastic and highly motivated members who’ve either graduated from top Indian university(IIT) or left their comfortable jobs for building a prudent business in the domain of Mobile application, XaaS, and ML/AI. We are largely using Elixir in our backend business logic.

About the job

Job title: Senior Software Developer

  • Comfortable with working in Elixir and learning new libraries
  • Familiarity with DB design, and NoSQL(ArangoDB or OrientDB)
  • Familiarity with OOPS using Java, C/C++

Add-on (not necessary):

  • Writing automated tests
  • Open Source contribution
  • Linux Server (CentOS)

Salary range: Sweat Equity in the company only
Position on remote work: Not open for any form of outsourcing or remote work
Qualifications or experience required: Hands-on experience of 0+ years with Elixir/Erlang.
Successful job applicant will be working on MQTT client libraries, ArangoDB drivers, deployment on server, load balancing, Android app.

About the interview process

Working in an early stage startup is challenging task as your actions directly affect the long term as well as the instantaneous growth of the business. Unlike most big enterprises we don’t conduct formal interviews instead we focus on culture fit. Unlike one-way interview where an employer chooses the employee, in a small team like ours we aim to keep this relationship bi-directional. Over the course of few weeks of our communication and after aligning our viewpoints, we will inform the relevant candidates about the progress.

Further info

Apply by E-mailing us:

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