Senior Software Engineer, Authentication (North/South America TZs)

We are making Luxury Sustainable

TheRealReal is a one of the largest companies in the world using Elixir, and we are seeking engineers interested to work with making luxury more sustainable!

About us

My name: Markus Feyh
My position: Engineering Manager
Company name: TheRealReal
Country: USA
Company info and history:

TheRealReal been using Elixir for a while, you can watch Jose Valim interview our CTO about adopting Elixir:

We are active in the community as a company hosting Meetups, sponsoring conferences and giving talks.

About the job

Job title: Senior Software Engineer
Job description:

  • You’ll build tools and technology for the unique challenges of luxury authentication and counterfeit detection
  • You’ll work with machine learning and Elixir!
  • Build better workflows and expose data to make better decision making

Salary range: Based on location and experience

Position on remote work: Yes, flexible to remote or onsite as we also have offices in SF/LA/NYC

Qualifications or experience required:

  • 5+ Years experience in a Software Engineering role
  • Strong understanding in building production-ready web applications and systems
  • Fluency with any of Ruby, Elixir, Erlang
  • Strong understanding of web-app performance fundamentals and related dev tools
  • Mastery of git and Github workflows
  • Bachelor of Computer Science degree or equivalent experience

About the interview process

It’s fully remote friendly!

Further info

You can apply directly here and let recruitment know you are active in the Elixir community. If you are curious about learning more about the role, feel free to reach out to me through LinkedIn. I’m also open to staying in touch if this role does not fit for you now, but you may be interested in an Elixir role in the future!