Senior Software Engineer (Elixir and/or Ruby) - Guadalajara, Mexico (remote/on-site flexible)

Introductory paragraph

Brightcove’s engineering team is built on small, collaborative, self-running teams, where everyone has an equal voice and decisions are made analytically. We encourage lightweight development processes that balance craftsmanship with execution. We strive to build engaging products with a rich user experience to meet the needs of and delight our customers. If you are bright, enthusiastic about development, creative, passionate, curious and eager to contribute we want to hear from you!

About us

My name: Brian Martinez
My position: Senior Software Engineer for the Transcoding team on Guadalajara, Mexico
Company name: Brightcove
Country: US
Company info and history: One of the most important pieces of software for an international video technology company is the Transcoding part, it’s the back bone of the whole industry and it’s written in Ruby and Elixir. This company happens to be a pioneer and leader on the Online Video industry (even older than Youtube) and with our constant search for innovation, some years ago we decided to integrate Elixir into our stack to take full advantage of its features.

About the job

Job title: Senior Software Engineer
Salary range: Undisclosed
Position on remote work: Flexible
Qualifications or experience required: Senior level experience on Web technologies development, capacity to adapt and learn fast, minimum Ruby/Elixir understanding and willing to learn more
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

  • Develop and deploy scalable backend services for cloud-based video transcoding, processing, and delivery.
  • Provide operational support for the platform.
  • Work in an agile environment with a team of engineers to create new products and streamline/enhance existing solutions and workflows.
  • Develop clean, high quality code even when working on extremely hard problems.

About the interview process

There are a series of 5 interviews that vary in complexity and type where you’ll first be interviewed to introduce yourself and meet the company offerings, then if you decide to continue with the process, an interview with the hiring manager that will explain team requirements, position definition and responsibilities and if you decide to follow the process, we’ll prepare 3 more interviews that may vary from candidate to candidate. After this process is concluded, a recruiting agent will get in touch with you with the results of the interview.

Further info

More information can be found here: Job Application for Senior Software Engineer (Ruby) at Brightcove feel free to ask questions here or directly to me.


Hey guys, thank you for taking an interest in the job, the position is still there but with a little/big caveat, because of Mexican laws, you need to be eligible to work on Mexico under Mexican law even if you do remote :frowning: , I’m sorry if this causes any issue with the position :frowning:

I am not looking at the moment but for the purpose of forum visibility, can you give a quick list of such requirements so people know if they want to apply?

I’ll see what info I can gather to broaden the eligibility, but for now I’m told that you need to be a Mexican citizen or at least already have the needed permits to work in Mexico (I don’t have the details on that) because you need to have a kind of Tax ID that would allow Mexico to tax your income.