Senior Software Engineer (Phoenix/Ash/Bumblebee, 60-100%) - zebbra AG, Berne, Switzerland (Onsite/Hybrid)

We are zebbra, an interdisciplinary team of software, DevOps, and network engineering experts. zebbra is more than just a workplace; it’s a community of dreamers and pragmatists, of passionate and creative individuals.

We strive to use the best tools to build the most effective solutions for our clients. Over the years, we’ve worked with a variety of technologies (TypeScript, Python, Ruby, Vue, TailwindCSS, Angular, Prometheus, Kubernetes, AWS, etc.). About two years ago we used Elixir/Phoenix for our first client project. Since then, we really fell in love with Elixir and are planning to make it one of our main technologies for current and future projects. This opens up a unique opportunity for you to join our team as our new Elixir Developer, helping us elevate our solutions to the next level.

About us

My name: Hannes Wüthrich
My position: Software/DevOps Engineer, Elixir Evangelist @ zebbra
Company name: zebbra AG
Company website:
Company headquarters (country): Switzerland

About the job

Job title:
Elixir Developer (60-100%)

Job description:
As part of our team, you help us design, build, deploy, and maintain customer solutions using Elixir, Phoenix and Ash.

Salary range:
CHF 95-110k

Qualifications or experience required:

  • Familiar with Elixir and Phoenix, or very enthusiastic about them and willing to learn quickly.
  • Passionate and structured, yet pragmatic, keeping focus on what really matters.
  • Experienced with Git and CI/CD pipelines (bonus points for writing Helm charts and knowledge of Kubernetes).
  • Fluent in web technologies (HTML, JS/TS, CSS, etc.).
  • Interested in using ML and LLMs to solve real-world problems (bonus points for experience with Bumblebee and/or LLMs).
  • A university/FH degree in computer science or equivalent (amaze us).
  • 3+ years of experience in software development (professional or senior level).
  • German language skills with good English proficiency.
  • Good swimming skills (or own a fancy aarebag).

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

We have two existing Elixir/Phoenix applications for clients running in production on our own Kubernetes cluster, which you can help us extend and maintain. We are currently building two more Elixir applications, one of which is integrating AI/LLM using Bumblebee. At least two more applications are planned for this year, which you could help us design an implement.

Position on remote work

You can work up to 50% from remote/home per week, but we believe in the power of in-person collaboration and social interaction. Besides, our offices are nice, the fridge is stocked with cold drinks and the river Aare is right next to our office for a swim in summer!

About the interview process

Send us your CV and and a link to your porfolio or GitHub. Show us what makes you stand out and captivate us with your unique skills and experiences. As a non-ISO-certifified-not-using-SAP company, the interview process will be flexible and tailored to your situation and skill level. Obviously we’ll talk (online) and like to meet you sooner than later in our office.

Further info

Have a look at our complete job description at and feel free to contact us at We would :purple_heart: getting to know you!


Hello everybody and thanks you for all the interest in our job offering! :smiley:

Sorry if this got lost in translation, but a Swiss residency or work permit is required for the job (as we expect you to work at least 50% onsite).


I tried to apply to work 100% remote because I have experience in the tools you need, I also contributed directly to NX, Scholar which are core for Bumblebee, as you can see here:

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