Sentry not capturing crashes inside Task.start function

I am using sentry version 8.0.2 and its reporting errors perfectly for normal cases. But for the functions which I execute via Task.start it wont report errors. inside my phoenix endpoint file I have

use Sentry.PlugCapture
plug Sentry.PlugContext

in my config I also have

config :logger,
+  backends: [:console, Sentry.LoggerBackend]

Configuration seems correct but I am not able to capture events. Maybe I am missing something… Any help or guidance is welcome. Thanks

Probably this issue?

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@tanweerdev what is your Elixir version? Sentry expects a particular metadata to be available for logging that was only recently added to Elixir.

You can also ask Sentry to capture all log messages. Here is what I do:

config :logger, Sentry.LoggerBackend,
  level: :warn,
  excluded_domains: [:cowboy],
  capture_log_messages: true


Elixir version (elixir -v):
Elixir 1.10.2 (compiled with Erlang/OTP 21)
Erlang/OTP version (erl):
Erlang/OTP 21
Sentry version (mix deps):
Operating system:
Erlang/OTP 21
Is this an umbrella application?:
Release type (Distillery, mix release, Mix, etc.):
iex -S mix phx.server

Here is issue submitted for more details

This did not help sentry capture error msgs. (I have before_send hook to confirm where I print the event). The only thing which worked is manually capturing it

Task.start(fn ->
  try do
    exception ->
      Sentry.capture_exception(exception, [stacktrace: System.stacktrace(), extra: %{extra: %{extra_information: "my extra information"}}])

Thanks @josevalim @chulkilee for your kind replies. is there any way, I can make this Task.start + try/capture a utility function and call it whenever I needed to use Task.start and it will capture errors…

I confirm I’m getting sentry via Task.start in this case:

  1. Create new project
  2. Add sentry dep
  3. Add sentry logger backend (no other configuration)
config :logger,
  backends: [:console, Sentry.LoggerBackend]

config :sentry, dsn: "http://a:b@"
  1. Add following to a controller function
    Task.start(fn ->

With or without phoenix integration, it sends a request - but it does not print sentry log.

I ran dummy server with python3 -m http.server 8000 --bind to see whether my phoenix app actually sends a request.

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Note you likely don’t want to configure this in your config/config.exs, as Sentry.LoggerBackend may be loaded even before it is compiled. This will definitely be the case in umbrella projects if only part of them depend on Sentry. Instead, call Logger.add_backend(Sentry.LoggerBackend) in your application start/2 callback. :slight_smile:

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