Serve live view assets from a custom path

I am currently serving live view assets from the below paths:


I would like to update the paths to the below; for easier routing


Is this only a matter of the correct webpack configuration? I tried updating the below settings:


 entry: {
      'app': glob.sync('./vendor/**/*.js').concat(['./js/app.ts'])
publicPath: '/js/'


      new MiniCssExtractPlugin({ filename: '../css/app.css' }),


It will also affect part relative to the publicPath… like the copy-webpack-plugin, or where You save your fonts (if You use fonts). but without webpack.config.js, it’s hard to tell.

If You have not customized your config, I would try.

      path: path.resolve(__dirname, "../priv/static/liveview/js"),
      publicPath: "/liveview/js/"
      new CopyWebpackPlugin({
        patterns: [{ from: "static/", to: "../../" }]

no need to change MiniCssExtractPlugin.