Serving restricted ports via erts-12 not working

I have a Phoenix project I’m trying to upgrade from Erlang 22./Elixir 1.10. to Erlang 24/Elixir 1.13, and I’m able to test locally without issue, but when I deploy to my EC2 server I am seeing console output which says that my validation process is unable to connect to port 80. I have been using the setcap approach detailed in this thread (What's the best way to serve restricted ports (e.g. 80, 443) with Phoenix?) on project the for a while without any issues over many version upgrades of Erlang and Elixir but with the Erlang 24 update where ERTS moves to version 12, the setcap call does not seem to be working on the `erts-12/bin/beam.smp file like it does on the erts-11.* or erts-10.*.versions.

Has anything changed in Erlang 24/ERTS 12 which would cause setcap to stop working on ERTS-12 beam.smp files?

It is still working for me…

What command do You use, and where is your beam file? There is one for dev, and one for prod.

Thanks for responding, I realized that setcap was not the issue. My server was crashing internally due something an update in the wx module in Erlang 24. I’m looking into it.