Set-cookie header works on Google Chrome and FF but no Safari

Hello everyone!

I’m facing the most strange error ever. Inspired by @jstlroot post here, I planned to implement his solution on my most recent project, but now I have an error, and this error only occurs using Safari.

basically I put a ‘set-cookie’ header by modifying conn with Plug.Conn.put_resp_cookie("token", token, http_only: true, secure: false, max_age: 604800) I can easily check it works because for example on FF:

and then

also on Google Chrome

But when it comes to Safari, It receives the ‘set-cookie’ header

But the Cookie does not get stored

So if an user refresh the page on safari, he needs to login again.

I know this is a very specific problem but I’m close to surrender and store the token in the local storage.


Hi :wave:

So I googled and found this question which is similar to your problem. The short version is, Safari think it is right and won’t set a cookie from ajax request.

There are some workarounds on the answer, but I will also say one that comes to my mind

You could probably fetch manually the header from the response of you call and set the value using javascript, I don’t know if it will work but it would be something like (using fetch api)

function onSuccess(response) {
  let cookieHeader = response.headers.get('set-cookie'); // or if decided other header name
  document.cookie = cookieHeader;

fetch('myurl', {method: 'POST'}).then(onSuccess)

more details on how to manipulate cookies with JS you can find here.

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Thank you for your response, but as I’m setting the cookie as htmlOnly, it cannot be accessed from javascript, In my case Axios cannot reach it.


Looks like you’re using CORS.

I’m not certain this is necessary, but I believe you need to specify the Access-Control-Expose-Headers header to include Set-Cookie, which is not one of the defaults. Same with the Access-Control-Allow-Headers header and Cookie.


Hi @Siel,

Sorry for the huge delay.

I tested my authentication with Safari (had to install OSX on a Virtualbox VM, wasn’t a very fun experience XD) and it’s working fine.

Did you find a solution to your problem? What did you end up doing?



Hi @jstlroot, Thank you! your post helped me a lot.

I finally worked it out, the problem were a safari’s security measurement, it prevents cross-site cookies :cookie: to be saved, Finally just compiled the VueJs app and putted it into the phoenix app and now it’s working correctly.

Thank you all!


Could you tell me your solution please!?

Hi @sunno.14, I solved my problem just as I mentioned earlier, changed my development setup making phoenix serve the vue app, if you need more specific help just try to explain me the error you are getting.