Set specific Redis DB for FunWithFlagsUI?


We are using FunWithFlagsUI to check the flags we have on our Redis instance. Since Redis has several DBs one can choose from, this raises a problem - we need to tell the UI which Redis DB to use.


After reading the docs, I couldn’t find any option to do that. By default, the UI will always read from Redis DB 1, which is not where our flags are.

Is there a way to tell the UI which Redis DB to use?

Looking at the code this should be configurable through the config. You should be able to use those opions that Redix allows you to use

Hope that helps

The configuration section of the FunWithFlags README shows setting the database either in the keyword list, or as part of the URL.

It turns out that to configure the UI, I have to use the configurations for the base library, i.e. FunWithFlags.

This was not clear to me when reading the docs for the UI. In my specific case:

config :fun_with_flags, :redis, database: 5

Did the trick.

Worth considering submitting a PR to the fwf_ui project to mention configuration explicitly in their README.

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