Setup phoenix to use svelte

I Created a blog post about setting up svelte with phoenix.
I found it a bit tricky and the only blog post I found was written using some strange alphabet on medium.
with this setup you can add svelte components to templates with just:

<%= svelte "test", %{:name => "svelte"} %>

At the end I also attached links to gists with diffs against the app - may be helpful. I hope it helps someone.


Hi dkuku, thanks a lot for the amazing solution to integrate svelte into phoenix!
I’m new in both frameworks, so i ask you an opinion about the best approach to have, i mean, the best way to use svelte into phoenix is to use it in a widget style letting phoenix manage routing and using it’s templates, or mounting a single page svelte app in layout.html and use phoenix just as an api serving backend?


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Hi Sergio. This setup is more for small widgets - if you want a true single page app I suggest you to choose a separate backend and frontend repo. Here after the data changes the page gets reloaded. Also you will find more tutorials similiar to your setup when you split the backend and frontend.

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