Shall we start an ElixirLS fork?

Hi @cpgo

I’m using the vscode remote feature (“ssh to remote host” version, not the “container” version) and it works fast and great with the Elixir LSP fork. Is it not working for you or is there some other feature of it that you would like supported?

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I was using jakebecker.elixir-ls and I wanted to switch to its fork elixir-lsp.elixir-ls
My use case is using the plugin within a docker container and using vscode remote capabilities.
So I expected that plugin to be a drop-in replacement and so working out of the box (after rebuilding the containers btw) in my current workflow.
But it seems to be not working.
Your answer seems to confirm that.
I also thought that the remote capabilities was managed by VS Code Remote extensions and not by the plugin.

TIL that forks can be downgraded in functionalities :confused:

I’ve noticed I don’t get the clickable hints to generate spec’s for my functions anymore. It started happening a while ago. Has anyone else been having this issue in VS Code?