Shall we start an ElixirLS fork?

I use Visual Studio Code, and the ElixirLS extension is a must have to code in Elixir.

Unfortunately, it seems to have gone stale over the past few months, and I seem to have read that the author didn’t have much time nor energy to keep track of the open issues and PRs.

At the time of writing the last commit is from August, but what concerns me the most is that it depends on the elixir_sense repo which has been renamed since April, has received more than 130 commits since but has not yet been integrated on the ElixirLS master branch.

@niku has created a fork at, but it seems to be for private use only, as improvements are under feature branches and it’s not available from the VSCode marketplace anyway.

Is it perhaps time to create a blessed public fork of ElixirLS and integrate all the outstanding PRs and improvements? I’m not stepping forward as I don’t have the knowledge to do so, but perhaps someone is interested in taking up this task.


Maybe it makes more sense to ask the original author to get access to the repo to get it up to date instead of creating forks everywhere?


You mean like this one?


Makes sense. Tagging @JakeBecker, I hope this post didn’t come off as rude.

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That works, the point is that AFAIK it’s not available on the VSCode marketplace, just Jake Becker’s version is.

It is on the VSCode marketplace, under ElixirLS Fork


As jpc said, it’s available here:


Thanks, last time I checked there wasn’t any, and I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere. :+1:

Thanks @1player for making this thread. I would not have found out about the fork if you hadn’t. :blush:


As one of the main maintainers of the ElixirLS fork, I can say that we’d definitely welcome more contributors (and testers!).

Also one of the main benefits of the fork currently is that it is more up-to-date with ElixirSense, although there’s some bug fixes in ElixirSense that landed a day or two ago that I’m looking forward to being able to integrate.


Just downloaded. I don’t do anything crazy with Elixir in VSCode, but I was having issues with the old extension so I’m hoping this will help fix it. It would stop working and I wouldn’t receive any autocompletions.


Thank you mentioned me @1player.
I didn’t know the new repository elixir-lsp/elixir-ls which is active under development.
I’ll contribute that new one.


10,000 thanks. Compiles/Installs and… WORKS! //matt


@axelson What’s the status of the fork? Is the original project back on track? Are you joining the efforts?

Getting this error when I switched to the fork in VSCode.
(Output -> ElixirLS)

[Info  - 1:04:42 PM] Connection to server got closed. Server will restart.
** (UndefinedFunctionError) function ElixirLS.Utils.WireProtocol.intercept_output/2 is undefined (module ElixirLS.Utils.WireProtocol is not available)
    ElixirLS.Utils.WireProtocol.intercept_output(&ElixirLS.LanguageServer.JsonRpc.print/1, &ElixirLS.LanguageServer.JsonRpc.print_err/1)
    lib/language_server/cli.ex:6: ElixirLS.LanguageServer.CLI.main/0
    (stdlib) erl_eval.erl:677: :erl_eval.do_apply/6
    (elixir) lib/code.ex:232: Code.eval_string/3

The fork is active (hence my posting here about it). The original project is not back on track and hasn’t been updated since May. We would love to join efforts but Jake hasn’t responded when we’ve reached out to him about it.

That was logged as issue #65 and I published v0.2.27 which fixes it to the vscode marketplace this morning.


@axelson Thanks! I use Sublime Text and I’ll try to setup it with the fork.

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Works for me now. Thank you!

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Hey @axelson, great work on the extension.
Do you plan on supporting vscode remote development?

That would be a nice feature but since I don’t use VSCode myself I probably won’t work on it personally.