Shane Breining - 1.5 Years Elixir/Phoenix/Absinthe - 5 Years Professional Dev - Looking for Mid to Senior Elixir Opportunity

Hello all!

Following below is a bulleted list of information about me professionally and personally. I am in search of an opportunity to remain in the Elixir technology stack. I find this language phenomenal, and want to continue my personal growth in it while working in it professionally.

  • Name: Shane Breining
  • Location: Boise, ID, USA
  • I prefer remote work.
  • Languages Known:
    • Elixir (1.5 years)
    • TypeScript/JavaScript (6 years)
    • Python (6 years)
    • PHP (3 years)
    • Go (1 year)
  • Languages Interest In:
    • Elixir
    • TypeScript
  • Area of Expertise: Web applications, doing full stack work.
  • LinkedIn
  • GitHub
  • Other Info (about me personally):
    • I’m an avid hockey fan
    • I play D&D every Wednesday night
    • I am into health and fitness
    • I am left handed
    • I am an open book, don’t hesitate to ask if you want to know more.

Maybe you want to give a try to apply for this role:

They hire globally, and are 100% remote and an async team.

The employee handbook is public:

They also have one of the best recruitment experiences I ever saw, no BS questions, very friendly and informal.