Sharing functions between applications in an umbrella

I have an umbrella application with several applications in it. As time goes on I am noticing that in some instances I have to rewrite a lot of the logic from one application to another. Overall, the umbrella structure is working well, there are just a few utility functions I use in almost all of the applications.

What is the best way to share these functions between applications?

At this moment my best idea is to create a new lightweight application that I can require in the other applications. Does this approach make sense?


I ended up just creating a small application that dosen’t require any of my other applications - thus it can be required by any of them.


And that would probably the advise of everyone; so well chosen!

Ps. If the functions are for a specific domain (as in: not a seemingly random collection) and can be useful for others, you might consider making it a lib on Hex.

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