Sharing my experience with ChatGPT and Phoenix 1.7.2

Pfew…,I had a hard time trying to follow the book Functional web developement _elixir_otp_phoenix by Lance Halvorsen, and I gotta tell ya. Chat GPT have no clue about these new features in the latest releases. I am a nubie to elixir and phoenix. But I like legos and dont mind to ready a 400 pages book in 3 days. I went the old way. Reading docs and trying , failing, rereading and and trying again.

Now I have the game of Islands working with phoenix 1.7.2.
I feel like I learn a lot. And I now undestand the core ideas of phoenix and 3 OTP behaviours , Genserver , Supervisor and Application.
I start to question if nubies should ever use AI to learn to code.


That’s not surprising given Chat GPT works on years old input. At that time much of the new stuff of phoenix 1.7 didn’t exist yet.

this is a great question. one that i ponder myself. interesting to know your experience.

for sure i can imagine that if you can’t code yourself then it’s impossible to know if the AI output makes any sense or not, so it would probably waste a lot of time and save none.

i’m also curious if after you’ve got the basics down the AI would be of more help? i use it mostly to write algos that would take time for me to figure out, but other coders have done many times over. and rarely do i go looking for ideas on what/how to do anything, which is what a junior would perhaps need.

anyway i’d love to hear more once you get even deeper into this.

For the record: Bing AI is aware of the latest releases. I’ve been using it a lot recently.

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ChatGPT can work for some things in Elixir, but a lot of Phoenix / Liveview will just confuse it because of a lot of the updates just randomly change the syntax orders.

It will do stuff like “<%= example %>” instead of {example} which will cause errors.