Shifumi: a rock-paper-scissors made with Elixir/Phoenix and React/Redux

Hello elixers,

I am glad to release the demo of a side project I’ve been working on for a few months, both with its source code.

It’s a variant of the rock-paper-scissors game (with an additional shape, well, that only loses to paper). Playing it requires logging in through an auth provider (facebook, google, twitter or github). Game syncing is done through Phoenix channels and, as a matter of fact, if you’re the only one connected, you won’t be able to start a match!

I expect there may be issues with the demo (not tested with many people nor on many different devices) especially with UX. Please open issues on github and I’ll try to fix the blocking ones (but I am unsure if I will engage in improving the demo).

The main intent here is releasing the code and hopefully to provide an interesting resource to others, and also to open discussions on the implementation. Please share your comments or advice or questions about the code!

My initial motivation with this project was to train with Elixir and Phoenix on a real, even very simple, project. I have also spend quite some time packaging it as a progressive web app, relying on React/Redux. An additional motivation was to create almost everything on my own (almost nothing may be more true knowing the amount of tools/libs/software used) from design (oops) to hosting/deployment.

Some parts that may be of interest:

  • tests
  • async Redux actions through channels
  • Service Worker implementation and an attempt to comply with PWA requirements
  • the GameServer and Dating modules
  • various config files: rollup, brunch, edeliver
  • sequencer.js, CSS animations and transitions
  • Ueberauth and Mogrify examples

The production environment is a 5$/month digitalocean Ubuntu droplet, using Nginx and Let’s Encrypt.

Additional info is provided in the project readme GitHub - silently/shifumi: Rock-paper-scissors in Elixir/React (see

I hope you’ll enjoy it!