Shortcut keys in iex shell

Is it possible to use custom shortcut keys to e.g. “delete word backward” like in a normal shell?

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At least on my Mac, IEx in responds to the regular terminal key binds:

CTRL-w: Delete word backwards
CTRL-a: Move to beginning of line
CTRL-e: Move to end of line
CTRL-] b: move back one word
CTRL-] f: Move forward one word

You can substitute Esc for CTRL-] if that’s easier for you. Then they key bind becomes Esc-b and Esc-f for backwards/forwards

For custom key binds, I would look into preference settings in your specific terminal

I cannot say if these work for Windows (werl) or WSL

They are a subset of emacs shortcuts…

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My shell already supports other shortcuts. How can I configure iex to use them? I’m not interested to be forced to use emacs shortcuts