Side-project: Overbooked is a self-hosted flexible workplace platform for indie coworking owners

Hey everyone :wave:

Code: GitHub - puemos/overbooked: Overbooked is a self-hosted flexible workplace platform for indie co-working owners.
Docs: What is Overbooked? - Overbooked

Password: Password123123

I’m working on a new project to let indie co-working owners spend 0$ on a room/desk booking solution. Overbooked is self-hosted and minimalistic. So far, I have developed only the bare minimum, and I’d love to get some feedback.

  • Self-hosted: What will be the most effective way to help people deploy it? any good examples?
  • Elixir/Phoenix/LiveView: Project structure and separation of concerns.
  • UX/UI: Anything that can be improved?
  • Coworking: Are there any features you consider a must but you don’t see them?

Can’t wait to hear your feedback!


Reddit’s self hosted community swears by Docker and Docker compose. So they can deploy with Portainer or TrueNas scale or Caprover or Unraid, etc

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What’s the username and password for fly demo?

Also for UX, I have a suggestion.

After failing to book a resource, a toast message showed up at top right, “Desk B2 is unavailable during those hours”.

I think it’s better to not let save happen in that case:

  1. Button should be renamed to ‘Check’ and the message should be inlined in the pop up, followed by the pop up being moved to bottom right to let user choose an alternative!

  2. Even better approach would be to show an indicator to prevent user from taking that action altogether, like a cross hatched section showing overlap in schedule! (See: Norman Door)


Oh, I totally forgot that Overbooked is invitation only (by design).

Here you go:
Password: Password123123

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My changes are not updating without a refresh.

Perhaps you can look at: ElixirConf 2018 - UX Design Practices for Real Time Apps

For instance, one of their points was: “Users need to be notified if the data they expect to be
realtime is actually stale due to a connection issue.


You can easily add latency to your site to indicate stale data!

P.S. The data doesn’t update only in monthly view, weekly view works as expected.

P.P.S. Since I’m not the target audience, I’m unable to provide any other valuable feedback. :sweat_smile:

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Are you building this for a specific coworking space as the first user? Curious about what drew you to work on this.

I’m a long-time member of IndyHall, a coworking space in Philadelphia (and online), so it’s interesting to observe what you are up to. Good luck.

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My friend who runs a coworking space in Rino told me how much these platforms ask for. Hopefully I can get something good enough for them to focus on the real value.

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