Sideproject online - I am so happy - Big Thank You!

Hi there,

long time lurker here, now got the opportunity to build something amazing with Phoenix, LiveView and Elixir.

Fast forward 2 months later I’m the wiser and happier, my sideproject is online, first storm is weathered without a whizz of an error…

So this is a post to say a BIG THANKS to the creators and contributors and users of this marvelous software.

Without YOU I would not and could not have made this happen. I am very grateful having the possibility to build a production-ready software with ease and joy.
Will do definitely again :smiley:

As it is a voluntary (non-paid) sideproject, I am especially grateful, that Elixir and Phoenix is Open Source Software.

I hope this is the right place for this post, if not, please feel free to move it.

Thanks again and hope to give back some day.


Very cool! Congrats!

But where is the link? :smiley: (You don’t have to share it)


Awesome. Congrats!

Thank you for all the good feelings here.

I am not really comfortable to share the link publicly, but I will send it to you via private message.