SignalR vs Phoenix websockets

What would you say are the advantages of Phoenix websockets / Pubsub over SignalR (.net) for building realtime applications ?

Clearly the BEAM is the winner here with process isolation, immutability, distribution and the ability to host a huge number of processes. But using SignalR as a serverless Azure service offers most of those benefits although at a higher cost.

Leaving aside BEAM vs .NET, is there anything to choose between Phoenix websocket / Pubsub and SignalR for real time mobile based gaming applications ?

P.S - Please also leave out Blazor vs Liveview.

At the end of the day, Phoenix websockets and SignalR are just convenience wrappers to manage websockets connections with clients. It is still websockets the protocol in the end over the wire and they are the same at that point. Both are server side implementations of websockets with some convenience sugar added. I would suggest trying them both to see what fits your needs.

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