Simplebet - Elixir Engineer (Pricing Team) - New York, USA (Remote)

Introductory paragraph

We’re looking for an Elixir engineer to join the Simplebet pricing team to expand our market offering and integration platform. This role will collaborate closely with our product analyst team implementing new market mechanics to our micro-market offering, as well as expanding the capabilities of our internal operations tools. You will be responsible for translating raw feed-data into live markets, leveraging the Commanded CQRS framework, as well as working with the Phoenix Web Framework, and publishing data to RabbitMQ. The ideal candidate is interested in working on a sports product, and is captivated by the unique capabilities of Elixir and the BEAM VM.

About us

My name: Dave Lucia
My position: VP, Engineering
Company name: Simplebet
Country: USA
Company info and history:

Simplebet is a B2B product development company using machine learning and real-time technology to make every moment of every sporting event a betting opportunity. Rather than the typical lines, spreads, and over-unders that sports-bettors are used to, we are building opportunities to bet on every moment of a sporting event via what we call “micro markets”. Think of every pitch or at-bat in a baseball game, or every play or drive of an (American) football game. Our hope is to reach the casual fan who wants to find new and interesting ways to engage with live sports.

Currently, you can experience our product by playing the FanDuel PlayAction game.

How are we using Elixir?

Elixir is a big part of our platform. It powers our “market mechanics”, live feed ingestion, our integration platform, and the back-ends to our mobile games. We make use of Commanded (CQRS), Oban, Phoenix Live View, RabbitMQ, and many other interesting components of the Elixir ecosystem.

While we make use of Elixir for much of our platform, we are also heavily invested in the Python ecosystem for our data and ML teams. There was a moment in time where we had a Rust ML framework implemented as a NIF. If you’re interested in learning about why that doesn’t exist anymore, you can watch my talk from Code BEAM SF 2020.

About the job

Job title: Elixir Engineer

Job description: See the job posting

Salary range: Experience-dependent

Position on remote work: In the era of 2020, we are a fully remote company. While we are accepting remote applicants, a strict requirement is that you are able to work mainland US hours.

Qualifications or experience required: 1-3 years of shipping code to production. Bachelors in Math/CS or equivalent experience

What a successful job applicant will be working on:
A successful applicant will be joining the Pricing team, which is primarily responsible for the creation, suspension, re-pricing, and resulting (determining the outcome) of micro-markets. This team is also responsible for the ingestion of raw-feed information from an external, socket-based XML feed, and publishing the data for downstream consumption.

Within this domain, you will implement new market mechanics, the supporting operational tooling, data-flow through message queues, and related supplementary projects. This role will have a concentrated focus on sports, so having an in-depth understanding of American sports is a huge plus, but not a requirement.

About the interview process

Interviews will be conducted through Zoom, and will be focused on communication, technical aptitude, and capability. We may ask you to participate in a code pairing session to assess your technical ability.

Further info

Please apply here. You can reach out to me via email

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