Sink: A protocol for distributed, fault-tolerant, BW sensitive systems

There is this talk at ElixirConf about Sink:

I think that Sink really fills a gap. I’m facing the same challenges and its puzzling, that there is no solution out there (until now?). I’d love to hear more about the project and what the plans are with it.

Mike mentions @LostKobrakai being part of the team, maybe you can share some insights…?

Hi, Sebb,

Thanks for watching the talk! We’re currently working on plans to release Sink as open source, but I don’t have timeline at the moment (more to come soon, I hope). One of my goals with the talk was to share the pain points we had and our solution so anyone in the same situation would know they weren’t alone :slightly_smiling_face:.

Something we’re very conscious of is that we’ve built this for our use case, but others have experienced use cases we haven’t yet anticipated (but may need to deal with). Can you tell me more about your use case? Any particular places you think Sink can / can’t help out?


For one part we have the same use case as you, but we also need to give customer end-devices access to the datapoints and also third parties. So we are forced to use MQTT (or some other industry standard).
So we faced the same challenges you described.

Just a beep, but I would also be interested to make use of Sink for an IOT use case. Love to see you release something public, would be interested to help with dev perhaps as well. Good luck and thanks for sharing!