Sitemapper: a Stream based XML Sitemap generator

I’ve just released the first version of Sitemapper, a Stream based Sitemap XML generator.

There are other sitemap generators out there, but Sitemapper is a little different:

  • Stream based, only holding one XML file in memory at a time - this keeps memory consumption low, even with a very large number of pages
  • No DSL, just plain Elixir
  • Non-global configuration - it just uses Keywords

At the moment it’s missing extended properties for URLs, like Images and Videos. If you try it out, let me know how you get on, and feel free to file issues or improvements.


You got some benchmarks?

Not yet, no.

I was interested so I put a benchmark together against fast_sitemap, a fork of sitemap focused on performance. I’ve added the results to the README, here:


This library now seems to be the most popular sitemap generator for Elixir, well done @engineeringdept!

Some feedback: The examples on GitHub / hexdocs should ideally cover a little bit more ground, especially as regards specifying a local storage path instead of S3Store. After struggling for a while, I eventually found one example (there aren’t many online) which helped me complete my configuration.

Thanks! If you’re able to turn what you’ve learnt into useful documentation for others that would make a great pull request.