Slackin clone in Elixir/Erlang


I’m rewriting Slackin in Elixir here: GitHub - deadtrickster/slackin.ex: Slackin in Elixir. Demo:.

Code looks messy, sorry about that :-).

From Readme:


  • Can work without Javascript;
  • Uses Phoenix channels if available for live stat updates/rpc;
  • Badge;
  • Network status alerts;
  • Memory-friendly users statistics;
  • Respects Slack rate-limiting.

Technical Highlights

  • Uses fuse circuit breaker for detecting network/slack api recurring failures;
  • Caching is done using run-time code generation;
  • Live team members stat (retrieved with users.list) implemented using jsx evented streams.

And it’s Heroku ready.

My plan is to use this project as a playground to explore things like
delivering “ready to use” (not SaaS) Elixir apps (i.e. Docker, Azure, etc are on the way).

At the moment I keep my todo list here: slackin.ex/milestones at master · deadtrickster/slackin.ex · GitHub