Slightly evil password strength checker

I found this on github, so simple, so awesome. ^.^


My boss loved this, when he saw it on twitter today.

He asked me and my peer if we were able to integrate it into our LDAP server :wink:

We said we will investigate the possibility, everyone else who heared the proposal vetoed instantly :wink:


Looks cool, however some clients wouldn’t understand this :smiley:

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I don’t get it, I don’t think.


It is checking to make sure that you are not re-using passwords by checking popular sites to see if it is usable on other sites, twitter in the case of the gif above. :wink:


Idea: make it mock you more and more, the more sites have that same username/password combo! Like “…must not be the same as your Twitter password, which is also your Instagram password, which is also your Pinterest password, which is also your Snapchat password, which is also your GMail password, which is also your AOL password. Level 14 cluelessness detected. Please check to see whether you still have a pulse.”

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