SMTP Config with BambooSMTP

I’m trying to setup email functions within a Phoenix 1.4 and Elixir 1.7 app for someone using an email service. I’ve got this working using my own AWS SES account so I know the logic is solid. The problem I’m having though is he won’t give me a username and password for the SMTP config as “if we are sending to, which is our email server, you need to authenticate. But we are using their server so you don’t need it,” according to him. He said all I should need is a port, a from email address and the “” server name. How do I get BambooSMTP setup with only that information?

If I try to pass it blank username/password credentials, it gives me an error:

Bamboo.SMTPAdapter.SMTPError at POST /email
There was a problem sending the email through SMTP.
The error is :retries_exceeded

More detail below:
{:network_failure, "", {:error, :timeout}}

I @Codball, I don’t know your SMTP configuration, but you should have in consideration the :ssl (true/false) and :tls options.
I had a :retries_exceeded error as well using the gmail smtp with :ssl false.

If this persists, check better the SMTP server config…

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Heres what my config looks like.

# Configure mailing
config :blackbook, Blackbook.Mailer,
adapter: Bamboo.SMTPAdapter,
server: "",
port: "2525",
username: "",
password: "",
tls: :never,
ssl: false,
retries: 1

I’ve tried changing both of the tls and ssl options.

Do you really want to send email without TLS?