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As we are currently evaluating server side technologies and I’m in the position to push elixir in my company here, I want to re-implement the current functionality of one of our backend modules in elixir, showcasing its capabilities.

I have some restrictions when doing so though of which I can solve the most, but one remains:

I am not allowed to break the current client software, which uses for real time communication with the backend among the usual HTTP-RESTful-API.

Is anyone of you aware of a server-side implementation in elixir (or erlang) that nicely integrates with Phoenix or Raxx?

I doubt beeing able to implement one on my own in the time I have.


I am not aware of elixir implementation of socketio server, But I do know of an erlang implementation which I don’t think is actively being developed


Phoenix 1.4 included our rewrite of the channels layer, so you should be able to implement the Phoenix.Socket behavior and speak the contract. Check the Phoenix.Socket source to see how we implement multiplexed channels on top of the behaviour.


Last commit was many years ago, so I fear it is to old for what I need. My front-end GUI told me that I need to be able to communicate with a 2.0 client.

Neither him nor me are sure if that is a protocol version or the clients version.

I’m also able to tell, that on the server side currently flask-socketIO is used in version 3.0.x.

If I only knew any details about that contract or they were properly specified in terms of a human readable document rather than untyped JavaScript as a reference implementation…

But as I have the python sources of the currently used server side library, perhaps I am able to re-implement the used subset for a start and extend on that…

A single week is very little time for re-implementing one of the transport protocols… Logic in that module is asymptotic to zero. Mainly its querying a database on one endpoint (and converting the database output to the needed JSON structure) and relaying messages from AMQP to the client and translating those system events to a simplified form that only contains category and label.

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Hi folks, I meet the same problem recently :joy: Is there any solution?

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